Тalisman of Love

 This emotionally charged series tells the story of four young women from different social classes living in Russia at the end of the 19th century. A poor peasant girl, Liza Koltsova escapes her abusive father in the hope of finding a better life in St. Petersburg, while Nadya Uvarova, a wealthy young woman, discovers her own emotional strength when she falls in love with the handsome stable boy. Nadya's older sister, Olga, sacrifices her family's love in order to be the mistress to a married man, and Cassandra, a psychic who must cope with the loss of her powers, has to choose between a murderer who offers her redemption and the family who rejected her. As each woman walks the path to spiritual freedom, they discover the roadblocks along the way are what life is truly all about.




Tatiana Arntholtz
Lyubov Tolkalina
Svetlana Hodchenkova
Daniil Strahov
Anatoly Beliy
Grigori Antipenko
Николай Чиндяйкин


Alexander Nazarov
Stanislav Lybin
Aleksandr Smirnov
Aleksandr Rodnyansky
Aleksandr Akopov
Natalia Schneiderova