Midwife. New Life

Chief Doctor at a maternity home Tatiana Skvortsova seems to have everything that a woman can dream of – a successful career, an almost grownup daughter and a man she loves. Once hurt by her husband who betrayed her, Tatiana is sure, this time she will be happy. But it really hurts her to see that her new boyfriend doesn’t tell her the truth about his past and hides his eyes when she says she loves him. Doctor Skvortsova has a habit of healing emotional shock with work. Being a talented doctor she takes up complicated, almost hopeless cases. One day a woman with hypertensic crisis who is ready to die to let her child live is brought to the clinic. Tatiana tells her it’s alright, nobody will die at her maternity home. Dmitry asks Tatiana out. When she arrives, she finds him bleeding to death. At this moment she gets a call from the maternity home – the woman has just had her second hypertensic crisis - she needs an urgent surgery. Tatiana’s love is dying in her hands and her patient is dying at the clinic. Tatiana can only save one life, and the choice has to be made quickly…


Irina Pegova
Tatiana Skvortsova
Vladimir Epifantsev
Alexandr Makogon
Igor, husband of Tatiana
Natalia Gudkova
Valentina Lyapina


Stanislav Lybin
Anton Kostromin
Vadim Shafransky
Production designer
Evgenia Kuzeeva
Vladimir Utin
Mikhail Rossolko
Gleb Sphrigov
Margarita Iskandarova