The Code. 3 season.

Girlfriends, former colleagues in The Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue to conduct investigations and assist investigative authorities in particularly complicated cases. This time they go to Kavminvody, where Anna invites them. She and Proskurin plan to play a wedding and relax. Girls meet their comrade Mikheev, he asks Anna for help – a German code was found in the track where the German unit was carrying away the stolen valuables. Anna agrees to decipher it. Mikheev is killed. Girls and Proskurin start investigation. 

At the resort, Irina meets the musician Eugene. Irina likes him. She is so tired of her difficult relations with her husband, she is grateful Eugene for his care. Meanwhile Alexey starts the fight for the kids. He is not ready to agree for the divorce with Irina and doesn’t want to let her go.

Katerina, Irina and Anna prolong their stay at the resort. Irina becomes a witness of artist Kipelov’s murder. Katerina is not in the hurry to come back. In Moscow she is forced to live in the same apartment with Masha and Tolya – ex wife and the son of Grigory. Mom of Grigory likes Katya and her grandson. Katerina doesn’t feel as if she is the mistress in her own house. Meanwhile girls unravel a new case, they find out who was sentenced by the thieves’ gathering and who attempted to kill the artist.

Moscow doesn’t bring joy. Proskurin quarrels with Anna. He cant trust her. Anna breaks her word every time, she cant risk taking part in new investigations. Irina doesn’t know how to behave with Evgene. She seriously got carried away. The resort romance is continued.  

Sonya comes back to Moscow. Her mother in law did everything to support her. Sonya cant live without her beloved job. As soon as Sonya settles her house matters and comes back to work at Moscow Criminal Investigations Department, takes her daughter back to her and then also her mother in law. Sonya’s plans can be ruined by her neighbor, who suspects that Sonya has a love affair with ex prisoner Turin.

Eugene brings Irina to hippodrome. All local elite is present there. Nerves are tense. After the ride, the joker dies. Eugene is sure that this is not an accident. He knew this person well. Katerina finds out that Grigory broke his leg and is commissioned. He has to reconstitute himself, expeditions to the North are not for him anymore. Katerina feels that they are distant from each other. She dives in fully into a new investigation and starts her modelling career in Moscow Haute Couture House to help investigate mysterious death of a famous fashion designer, Maia Vasina. Proskurin asks the girls not to interfere. He might face additional troubles.


Maryana Spivak
Ekaterina Vilkova
Elena Panova
Yana Dyubui
Sergey Puskepalis