The Marines

The TV-series follows the adventures of the marines, who represent one of the most romantic professions there are. This TV-series is set in the present time. A group of ex-marines returns to the Navy and joins the special marine unit to serve under the contract on the unique minesweeping vessel nicknamed "Vladimir". They undertake dangerous missions worldwide and become the “rescue team”. The unit travels around the world fighting various criminals and villains, saving the victims of the shipwrecks, and helping out those who need their help. Like everyone else, they go through the good and the bad in their lives. And they do it with humor…


Alexander Mokhov
Alexander Vorobiev
Mikhail Zhigalov
Victor Suprun
Vadim Kolganov
Spartak Sumchenko
Amadou Mamadakov


Dmitry Fedorov
Anna Zaitseva
Oleg Osipov
Timur Weinstein