First love

Pervaya Lyubov tells stories of love across three generations. Teenagers Marina and Pavel struggle to preserve their love, as they enter adulthood. which is riddled with new challenges, Marina's father relives his own first love, as the search for his missing wife brings him closer to the woman he loved before marriage. Even Marina's grandfather has a chance to experience love again. It's not his first love, but he is just as surprised by the feelings, as he was in his teens, Family drama, mysteries, villains and secrets make love difficult for these very different characters.


Anastasia Steszko
Aleksander Nikitin
Yana Poplavskaya
Fedor Sukhov
Tamara Semina
Valentin Bukin
Oksana Dorokhina
Anatoly Golub


Elena Tsiplakova
Natalia Galuzo
Fyodor Bondarchuk
Viktor Gelman