Say Something Good

At first glance, George Klimov (37) is a sworn bachelor who lives with his mother. But George has got one extraordinary, God-given gift. He’s a brilliant diagnostician who provides medical treatment to different people regardless of their social status and financial state. George deals with clients ranging from janitors to gangsters to teachers to government officials, etc. He is known for his decency. When George receives an illegal payment from a wealthy patient, he donates the money to charity. One day, George meets his first and true love, an opera singer Eugenia, and they become romantically involved. Eugenia’s beauty attracts the stares of many men. Among her admirers is Polyakov (aka the "Town Father"), who doesn’t take no for an answer. As fate would have it Polyakov becomes one of George’s patients and ends up dead at the hospital, despite George’s efforts to save Polyakov’s life. Subsequently, his death triggers a bitter power struggle in which Polyakov's assistant Maxim Lipatov plays the leading role. All of a sudden, George finds himself caught up in the power games and becomes the object of Lipatov’s manipulations. Lipatov wants to use George’s talents to find the weak spots of his rivals and use these weaknesses as leverage against them. Meanwhile, George is desperate to save Eugenia’s son Pasha whom George loves as if the boy was his own child. Pasha has a grave disease and his treatment costs serious money.


Zvonareva Maria
Bityukov Maxim
Tarakratkina Anna
Titova Ludmila
Yatsko Alexander
Tashkova Tatiana
Malkova Alla
Mikhail Gorevoy
Miller Eugene
Kazyuchits Tatyana
Ivanova Marina
Mokhov Alexander


Valentin Spiridonov
Alan Hurmov
Igor Ter-Carapetov
Roman Boiko
Stanislav Dremov