The House Turned Upside Down

Andrey Tikhomirov (Andrey Myasnikov) has his life turned upside down after he suddenly became a single father. At first, Andrey’s overbearing mother, Clara Semyonovna (Raisa Ryazanov) did all the housework and helped with three infant daughters. But one day Andrey decides to turn his life around and be a grown-up. So he makes his mom leave. Soon the reality comes crashing down and Andrey realizes how hard it is to be a single parent of three kids. He endures the weight of parental responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with the job. Andrey’s best friends, Dima (Yury Kvyatkovsky) and Zhora (Mikhail Politseymako) step up to help him out. Now the house is turned upside down because the guys don't know jack about parenting. Andrey, Dima, and Zhora will have to work out how to take care of the three little girls. Eventually, they will settle down and grow up. They know one thing for sure: if you love your family and keep a positive attitude at all times, you can handle any difficulties.


Aleksey Myasnikov
Yuri Kvyatkovsky
Mihail Policiemaco
Raisa Ryazanova
Alena Monakhova
Sonia Ozerova
Alisa Tsvetkova
Sonia Tsvetkova


Aleksandr Rodnyansky
General producer
Vyacheslav Murugov
General producer
Timur Weinstein
Oleg Osipov