"Daughters-mothers" follows the complicated lives of two women, Irina Yarskaya and Lilia Subbotina who have no idea that they are mother and daughter. Lilia gets a job in the advertising agency "IMYAREC" headed by Irina, not realizing that they are related. They see each other every day, walk the same corridors and seem like total strangers, when in fact they are looking for each other.

Irina Yarskaya is a strong businesswoman. It looks like she has it all. Irina’s ad agency is the best in Russia. Her photos are in glossy magazines. She’s a frequent guest at the fancy parties and social events, and she’s friends with famous actors and important media personas. But Irina has a painful secret. Nineteen years ago, the guy she was in love with got her pregnant and soon she gave birth to a baby-girl. Due to the circumstances, she was forced to leave her child in the hospital. After that, the girl disappeared without a trace, and Irina couldn’t find her baby despite all her efforts…

Lilia Subbotina is an attractive girl and a gifted young artist. She can draw really well. Lilia hopes that one day her talents will be noticed and appreciated. And soon enough she gets a job in the ad agency of Irina Yarskaya. Lilia believes that this job is her best chance in life.

The two women have a pretty intense and dramatic relationship. It transforms from mutual animosity to inexplicable sympathy.

Intrigues, secrets, love, jealousy, meanness, and nobility intertwine in a tight "knot”. Will Irina and Lilia untangle it and get to the bottom of things? Who is behind all their troubles? We are yet to find out.


Elena Ksenofontova
Julia Mavrina
Konstantin Kryukov
Andrey llin
Nina Usatova
Daria Luzina
Love Zaitseva
Nikolay Tokarev
Maria Berseneva
Alexey Anischenko
Alexey Yanin
Elena Medvedeva


Timur Weinstein
Oleg Osipov
Aleksandr Rodnyansky
General producer
Vyacheslav Murugov
General producer
Dmitry Magonov