The Good Wife

Alisa Philipova's life is like a fairy tale. She's the wife of a successful husband, the mother of two, lives in a luxury area. Her family is cream de la crème, and her input in it is considerable, there's no question about that. She's a good wife who got her husband to be Leningrad District State Attorney.

But then one day it all changes. Her husband Pyotr Philipov quits his position. He finds himself in the middle of a major corruption scandal. On top of that details of a different, intimate kind surface: Pyotr was meeting with prostitutes, audio and video records of it have been made public. And although Pyotr swears that he was framed, that he has nothing whatsoever to do with corruption, it's his «double life» exactly that comes as a fatal blow to Alisa. How can she forget something like that? All the credits and honours they had are lifted and called off in a day, and Alisa with the kids moves to her mother-in-law's spacious apartment in downtown St. Petersburg. She's left face to face with her misfortune. Reporters are never tired of pouring fuel to the fire. Her family's dirty laundry is out in plain view now. The life she lived proved to be a fake. The people who surrounded her disappeared, like they never existed.

However, help comes from where she never expected it to come. An old college friend of hers Vitaly Kalinin invites her to his law firm Lex Est. Alisa used to be a very promising lawyer herself at some point. And as long as Alisa finds herself in the family bread winner position, she grabs onto his offer like it's a life buoy. Of course, she understands that this offer is homage to the former feeling, because Kalinin was very much in love with her at some point.

Very soon Alisa remembers all the skills she had, and she manages to prove to everyone that she's in the right place in that company that she belongs there – her clients' defence becomes the meaning of her life. But work is not the whole life. Pyotr insists that, whatever happens, they should still be a family. He confesses his love for her, but more and more proof of his dirty cheating that comes out nullifies whatever he might say to her about love. Alisa asks herself some tough questions and keeps looking for answers. How can she forgive someone who's been lying to her all these years? How can she stand up for him to save her family's reputation? Is it possible for her to be happy, as Vitaly still has feelings for her… while her feelings for him is just budding…

Yes, the fairy tale is over, but the most interesting stuff is still to come and soon…


Alexandra Ursuljak
Dmitry Miller
Vitaly Kalinin
Alexander Domogarow
Peter Filippow
Galina Poliskih
Marina Zudina
Sabina Ahmedova
Nail Abdrakhmanov
Sergey Pogosyan
Alexey Barabash
Arseniy Gusev
Elizaveta Zarubina


Stanislav Lybin
Vladimir Utin
Mikhail Rossolko
Margarita Iskandarova
Daria Kaplya
Vera Paponova
Timur Jafarov
Viktoria Mamieva
Nikita Semenov
Anastasia Nomokonova
Production designer
Elena Demidova
Costume Designer
Evgeniy Potapov