The Best Mother-in-Law

The main character Antonina Mikhailovna Stepanova is a strong-willed woman. She had a difficult life, but despite that, she remained a cheerful, optimistic and clear-headed person.

This story begins like a humorous anecdote: Antonina Mikhailovna comes to Moscow to visit her beloved daughter Svetlana, who shares the apartment with her live-in partner, a successful businessman Sergei Krymov. From this moment on everything gets turned upside down…

Krymov’s mother-in-law is from a small village and she’s not exactly delicate. Antonina Mikhailovna acts rather straightforward. She’s determined to find out why Krymov and her daughter haven’t got married yet. The difference between Antonina Mikhailovna’s provincial way of thinking and the worldview of Svetlana and Krymov, who try to follow the European lifestyle at work and at home, becomes the source for numerous comic situations. For instance, Sergei and his sister Valeria get completely weirded out when Antonina Mikhailovna decides to plant strawberries in front of their apartment building.

However, Antonina Mikhailovna is the only one who gets on well with Sergei’s daughter Dasha. Besides, she helps Krymov to solve the most difficult situations at home and at work.


Evelina Sakurov
Vadim Kolganov
Elena Kovalchuk
Tatiana Augshkap
Alyona Kovalchuk
Timur Rodriguez
Vladimir Tishko
Alexander Hotchenkov


Ksenia Chashey
Timur Weinstein
Oleg Osipov
Alexey Karanovich
Igor Osipov