The Midwives. Season 4, 5

Tatiana is having birthday – she is 45. Knowing that she will never agree to miss her shift even on her birthday, Zuev arranges for a secret surprise party for her in a country hotel. Tatiana arrives at the venue on an ambulance, being sure she is on her way to a call.

In the morning, after friendly greetings and a romantic night with Zuev, Tatiana wakes up from a call. Igor, her ex husband is taking a woman with a newborn baby to a hospital. The baby is alright, but the woman doesn’t stop bleeding. Tatiana, without telling anyone is driven by an only thought – she must help – goes to the city. Despite all the doctors’ efforts, the woman can not be saved. Now the hospital will have to answer: maternal mortality means checks and penalties.

At the same time an unknown person in a medical uniform takes a newborn child for a screening, Due to a general confusion the kidnapper along with the newborn girl manages to leave the hospital unnoticed. Tatiana’s wonderful celebration turns into a tragedy.

The death of the woman and kidnapping of a child from a maternity hospital do not only jeopardize the career of Tatiana, but also the entire staff of the hospital, which is still led by Zuev. The two of them will have to find out the missing girl, unraveling a tangle of complex human relationships and trying to save their feelings which will be subjected to a serious test, because there is a brilliant beautiful new doctor coming to a hospital, whose name is Larisa who might have much more in common with Zuev than Tatiana has.


Irina Pegova
Yaroslav Boyko
Alexandr Makogon
Natalia Gudkova
Alexandra Beloglazova
Valentina Lyapina
Alexey Boyadzhi
Mikhail Stenin


Stanislav Lybin
Anton Kostromin
Vladlen Semchenkov
Production designer
Vladimir Sivitsky
Igor Pashkevich
Режиссер монтажа
Gleb Sphrigov
Vladimir Utin
General producer
Mikhail Rossolko
General producer