It's All For The Best

The plot of this television film is set amidst historical events: a wave of changes swept across eastern Europe in 1989 and resulted in profound changes all over the world. It was the year when the Republics of the Soviet Union struggled for their sovereignty, the year when demonstrations unfolded across the country, resulting in violent armed clashes and entailing the deaths of innocent people. The lead character of the film, Zhenya Semina, leaves the orphan home and fulfills her childhood dream of becoming a student of the Moscow School of Art. Zhenya lives in the dorms and in her spare time draws portraits on the streets to practice her skills and to earn some money. Meanwhile, resident Mikhail Petrovsky works in the Cardiology Department in one of the Moscow hospitals and wants to become a fellow doctor. As fate would have it, the main characters meet under dramatic circumstances: while Zhenya was drawing on the street, some bullies ganged up on her because she occupied their spot. Mikhail, who was walking by at that time, rushed to her rescue; and a scuffle immediately ensued. What followed was that the police arrested those who were involved in the street fight. From this moment on, Zhenya and Mikhail start feeling mutual attraction towards one another, which soon turns into deep affection and then love. However, the conflict situation, which launched the beginning of their love story, won’t be the only one in their lives. Even though Zhenya and Mikhail have relatives and friends, they also have enemies. They will face a lot of challenges and overcome many obstacles to be together. Both of them will have to be strong to go through the difficulties. Because life won’t stop throwing them curves. Will Zhenya and Mikhail end up together? Will their love survive all the difficulties?


Edward Martsevich
Galina Bokashevskaya
Ivan Agapov
Alexander NaumovAlexander Naumov
Nikita Panfilov
Svetlana Kolpakovas
Anna Nosatova


Ekaterina Granitova-Lavrovskaya
Vitaliy Babenko
Oleg Osipov